Monday, March 30, 2009

Coming Soon

For some time we've been considering adding podcasts to this space or to the IOU NO MORE website. In the end, we decided to kick that up a notch or two and try Blog Radio. I got the account set up over the weekend. Recession Proof Radio will begin with a weekly 15 minute program. It will be a fairly typical talk format, broken into either 3 five minute segments or 5 three minute segments. We will talk about budgeting, managing debt, saving, Faith matters, self sufficiency, and more. We'll have a Q & A segment (watch for a special email address to send questions for the program), and if all goes well, we will try a call in segment from time to time. We might even have a special guest from time to time.

I'm pretty excited about it and a little nervous. Stay tuned and tell your friends.