Friday, March 6, 2009

Dieting and Budgets

My doctor put me on the South Beach Diet a couple of weeks ago. So far, I'm losing weight rapidly. But it may all be coming out of my wallet. Just kidding...sort of. Dieting is expensive. Fruits, vegetables, lean cuts of chicken and meat, etc are not cheap. Potatoes, pasta and junk food are. That's messed up. Of course, fasting is extremely inexpensive. And it's fairly effective. But not desirable. Except on rare occasions for prayer, of course.

The cost of fresh fruits and veggies is the primary reason we are learning to grow our own. That and if we grow our own, we know what we're actually eating. Sometimes, when I read the labels on foods in the grocery store, it's like reading the inventory of some chemistry lab. Now, I no raving hippie or anything, but some of the stuff we eat is scary. If I can't pronounce it, how good is it for me?

Cost aside, South Beach has been great so far. I like the food, I like the variety and I like results. But the cheapskate in me hates the price tag. In the long run, though, extra grocery bills are better than hospital bills, I guess. And I have no time for a heart attack. It does not fit my schedule at all.


Niecey said...

What's wrong with being a raving hippie? ;)

Sounds like you guys are doing great on this diet!