Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Book Recommendations

Y'all know I've been promoting self sufficiency for a while now. And y'all know that my next book, "Recession Proof Living" is long overdo (I hope to remedy some of that by doing some serious writing during my vacation next week). If I don't hurry up, the recession will be over, before the stupid book is on the shelves.

So in order to keep your minds stimulated while waiting for my tome, I want to recommend two books to everyone who wants to become more self sufficient. And, you don't need to live on a farm (oh, how I want to) to take the first steps.

Both books are by Edward C Smith and are published by Storey Press. Both are found in most big book warehouses and both are available online. The first is: "The Vegetable Gardener's Bible". For my money, it is the very best beginner's guide to vegetable gardening available. It has great tips, excellent vegetable descriptions, garden designs, common pests and how to deal with them and so much more.

The second book is "Incredible Vegetables From Self Watering Containers". For anyone stuck, like we are, in suburbia, or in a townhouse or apartment, this book is a must. Smith includes many of the great information from his "Bible", but tailors it especially for self watering containers. He even lists the best varieties for container growing. It is fantastic.

Brittan and I use both raised beds and self watering containers. They are big space and time savers. We are living proof that you don't need acreage to grow delicious, prosperous, abundant fruits and vegetables. And you certainly don't have to pay grocery store prices. There will be some initial investment, but as I keep saying, the sweat equity is free and pays great dividends.

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