Saturday, September 22, 2007

Momentum is building

From the moment IOU NO MORE was published and this web log was launched, we have said that our intent is to start a revolution. A "Live Free" revolution. And I'm happy to say that momentum is beginning to build. Every day I hear from men and women who have had enough and want to take back control of their finances and their futures.

On one hand, it's sad that so many people are straining under the yoke of debt and financial mismanagement. But, that's the past. We've all made mistakes. No one knows that more than I do. I am encouraged by the number of people who are ready to break the chains and live free.

With that in mind, we at IOU NO MORE are working to put together a discussion board where fellow revolutionaries can meet together to support one another, ask questions, share tips, confess and just talk. So stay tuned, it's coming very soon.