Sunday, March 1, 2009

Done Your Taxes Yet?

Finally got around to doing ours. Taxes are one of those chores that I dread every year. Ironic, too, because I work for a company that makes tax prep software as our primary product lines. Doesn't change my loathing of taxes, though.

This year, surprise, surprise, we're getting a small refund rather than paying in. Just one of the perks of moving from Maine to Georgia.

If you haven't done yours, do so asap. And avoid getting one of those "get your money now" offers. They cost a ton. Exercise a little patience and get your whole refund, if you you're entitled to one. It's good money management.


Niecey said...

We've got our rebate. And it's all just about spent already. It's all budgeted out already anyway. Mostly good causes though, like dental work and optical appointments. A couple luxury items in there too though.

Snobound said...

I always dread tax time (thanks to life in Maine - always have to pay I hate that state), and I'm so thankful when you finally get around to finishing it. Even on the years we have to pay - I don't like it, but I feel so relieved once I know it's done and mailed. I have this huge fear that one year you'll forget to do them and then we'll get hit with huge penalties and then the IRS will seize all our assets and we'll be homeless, penniless, and Greenland.