Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing to Fear From Peanut Butter

We've all heard about the salmonella outbreak that originated from a peanut processing plant right here in Georgia. It was quite the national scandal. But it has caused some unnecessary panic in the peanut consuming world. Peanut Butter sales are tanking. Peanut farmers say that they may have to reduce their plantings by up to 1/3 this year. Wow! If that happens, everybody loses. I understand the nervousness. Nobody wants to get sick from food. But, let's not over react, either. First of all, peanut butter was not affected by the outbreak. Secondly, the salmonella came from a single source. The source has been located and the problem is resolved. Thirdly, peanut butter is a tasty, nutritious, inexpensive food source. Brittan and I have a jar of it in our pantry. I think I'll have some this evening as a demonstration of support for peanut farmers everywhere, especially here in Georgia. Go ahead, spread! Creamy, crunchy or extra crunchy, they're all good. We have "natural" peanut butter in our house because the diet we're on demands it. But its all safe. It's all tasty. Indulge yourself. It's cheap, too.