Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Garden Prep Week Ahead

I'm on vacation this week. That means I have a lot of work to do. Ah, irony. Don't you just love it. But the truth is, Recession Proof Living requires a good deal of labor. But it's labor that pays off tastily.

For some reason, I've been reporting my gardening updates in my personal blog, Old Musher, but it really belongs here, so I'm moving it to this space. Sustainable gardening is such a big part of our new lifestyle, that it only makes sense to cover it here.

At any rate, I still have a good number of pepper plants that still need to be re-potted from their peat pellets to seedling cups this week. That will be project # 1. With nearly 300 total plants needing potted, you can imagine how time consuming it is. I seriously underestimated the time investment. Fortunately, Brittan has taken up the slack and done the lion's share of that duty. But this week it's my turn.

I still have raised beds to finish. I should get three or 4 finished off this week. I would like to do more, but that will depend on how much it rains later in the week.

Let's see, I need to clean up all the earth box containers and bucket containers that have been sitting outside all winter. I need to some compost to till into the existing beds and I need to start a compost pile of our own.

I have to fertilize our strawberries and the fruit trees we've already got out. If my other fruit trees arrive this week, I'll need to get them in the ground. And I need to build 'tables' for our plants that will soon be going outside for hardening off before planting.

Finally, last night there was talk of installing a rain barrel or two in back of our house. If we're going to do that, it will need to be early in the week. But that's a project that can wait.

Evenings will be spent writing. "RECESSION PROOF LIVING" is only about 5 months behind schedule. How wrong is that?

By the time vacation is over, I'll be needing one.