Thursday, April 2, 2009

Debt Help Scams on the Rise

It seems you can't turn on the radio or television (or internet) anymore without seeing a half dozen adds for programs that will teach you the 'secrets credit card companies don't want you to know' about not paying your debt legally. Poppycock! There aren't any 'secrets'. There is a great deal of common sense we can apply. And part of that common sense is avoiding these scam artists like they were carrying the plague, which in a way they do. These are hucksters who are preying of men and women who are in dire straights during difficult times and I dislike them very much. They are taking advantage of desperate people. They will charge enormous, sometimes hidden, fees for less valuable information than is available in IOU NO MORE for about $11 (including shipping).

I found a pretty good article about these groups on Yahoo finance. While I disagree a bit with the author's chosen strategy for dealing with debt, I fully agree with what she says regarding these dirt bag scam artists. You can read the article HERE.


Snobound said...

I'm amazed at the limitless lows that certain scammers will stoop to. But to be fair - they wouldn't be in business if people weren't so darned ignorant and always looking for ways in which to avoid taking responsibility for their own messes.