Friday, April 17, 2009

My Heart Hurts Tonight

It sure is quiet here at Recession Proof Central. Too Quiet. Brittan is away this weekend at a Church sponsored women's retreat and I'm here doing the all alone thing. Oh, don't worry, I shan't be bored. Mrs. B left me with a nice list of chores to complete while she is away bonding with people and renewing her spirit. If I get the list complete, it will be a miracle. See, from my perspective, weekends were made for naps. But apparently I'm wrong. Apparently they are for getting the basement ready for the contractors who arrive on Monday to turn it into a living area. I believe the correct expression is, 'a finished basement.' Finished bank account, more like. But at least the contractor is someone I can trust. He's married to my sister, so chances are, he'll do the job right, cause I know where he lives. And his work crew is one of my younger cousins, who I haven't seen in about 11 years. I'm quite excited about the project, actually. And both my brother in law and cousin are good eggs. They will stay with us through the week and return to their wives in Florida on weekends. I'm looking forward both to the finished basement and the 'fellowship' time.

But the main reason my heart is hurting is because of the spike in very sad emails I'm receiving from men and women who are struggling during this difficult economy. Sure, most people simply write and say, 'here's my money, send a book.' or, 'please send the free spending plan form'. But several have poured their hearts out regarding the difficulties they are facing. While I wish I could make their pain go away, I am honored that IOU NO MORE can be there to help others go from where we were to where we are now.

If you have beaten debt and are living debt free, make yourself available to assist others. If you're struggling now, fear not. The future is bright.