Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden Update

Finally..... some good weather and some progress. First, Brittan planted all the tomatoes this week. That's like, 200 or so plants. Amazing. Some of them have shocked pretty hard, but I do believe most of them will make it.

Last night I planted the corn and some green beans. Today things just got a good drink of water as we spent most of the day shopping for items for our basement. Tomorrow I plan to plant my black currant bushes, some hot and bell peppers, some squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cantaloupe and maybe a few carrots and garlic. I just want to at least get a little of everything in the ground before the weekend is over. Then we can spend next week, completing the project.

Our fruit trees are looking pretty good. Especially the fruit cocktail tree. The apple tree has come on well after looking for the longest time like it wasn't going to live. We lost a few raspberries and a blackberry plant to a freeze in March, but the rest of them are doing great.

Our tangerine, lemon and fig trees are coming on nicely as is our blueberry bush and our banana tree. I hope to start adding some pics to this space once I get the garden in. I think that will help in understanding the scope of the project. It should also show that anyone can do the same thing, with a little creativity and sweat.