Saturday, April 4, 2009

Big Day in the Garden

Finally, sunny and warm on a Saturday. We made the most of it. First thing, we pulled all the tomato and pepper plants outside to get some real sunlight and breeze. For those who don't know, tomatoes need their leaves ruffled to help them thicken up. Nothing does that better than a breeze. When they are very small in the house, we would run our hands over the upper leaves a few times a day to simulate the wind. But I love seeing them soak up the sunshine and and mother nature's own gentle breath.

After that, we got to work completing some of our raised beds. We got three finished and topped off all the others that had settled a bit. I shoveled three cubic yards of dirt today. I assure you, that's a bunch.

Following the raised bed work, I took the weed eater and ran it around all the raised beds and around the perimeter of the back yard fence.

I had hoped to mow as well, but ran out of time. Besides, Brittan and I wanted to go to the movies.

Tomorrow, after Church, we'll get the stain for the raised beds. They were built last spring and the wood has aged and has that gray look that I don't like. We will stain them to give the garden more visual appeal.


Snobound said...

It was lots of work (more for you than me) but I thoroughly enjoyed spending a sunny day outside with my beloved.