Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Thin Edge of the Wedge

This week I have been following the tragic story of a Wisconsin man, who has been charged with murder in the death of his daughter. The short version is, the girl became ill and the family chose prayer over medical attention. In the end the girl died. Her family treated her well, comforted her and nursed her. But they would not take her to a doctor, believing that if they had faith, God would heal the girl.

Today, the man was convicted.

First, let me say that I disagree with his decision to fore go medical assistance. I believe in prayer and I believe in doctors. Medical treatment can be an answer to prayer. Sometimes God works through people and circumstances.

But I believe that cases like this will be cited as precedent in future litigation where the political and social views of the 'state' will run contrary to traditional faith. I see a time when Christians will be discriminated against and possibly jailed for things like public evangelism or publicly denouncing certain practices as sinful.

Do you know what you believe? How deep are your convictions? Are you prepared to lose your job, your home, your reputation or even your freedom over your beliefs?

Just one more nugget to chew on. I am convinced that this world is only a shadow of what is to come and not the end in itself. If I understand my Bible correctly, God did heal that little girl. If you will allow me to mix metaphors, I suspect she is healthy as a horse and happy as a clam.


Niecey said...

Well said. I agree with you. It's scary the way it's going. I guess the Bible already warned us that things would get pretty messy, so it shouldn't be a surprise really.