Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's in the Oven

The clock on the wall tells me it's about time to get ready for work, but before I begin my ablutions, let me share some things that are coming down the road for IOU NO MORE and Sam Burton Presents.

First, we have a brand new product that will be available later today. IOU NO MORE is now an ebook as well as a traditional paperback. The electronic version has an expanded appendix which includes reproducible forms (and a larger set of forms than in the paperback version). The "New IOU NO MORE" also includes the details of our referral program. The referral program looks like, and even pays out like, a traditional Multi Level Marketing plan, with one exception, you don't have to pay to participate. Everyone who purchases a book, ebook or starter kit from our shopping cart is eligible.

Speaking of the shopping cart, it's in the process of receiveing a makeover. Soon, customers will be able to track their purchases and will be able to directly download certain products rather than wait for the mail or email.

I am currently writing a spin off book, "DEBT BEAT DADS: Common Sense Financial and Life Advice for Men (and the women who love them). It will take the principles of IOU NO MORE and add some content especially geared towards men (and their wives).

I also have outlined a project, probably an ebook, on Vegetable Gardening Basics those who don't live in the country. Brittan and I have learned so much the last few years and we want to share it with others who want to eat better and be more self sufficient, but who are stuck in suburbia. It doesn't yet have a name. How about "Vegieburbia" or "The Suburban Gardener"? I'm open to suggestions. If you come up with the title for me, I'll give you a copy of the book and mention you in the acknowledgements.

I'm also working away on my book proposal for "Life Lessons from a Lead Dog". That book and the study materials that could spin off from it, has the potential to make a big impact in the and on the world.

Ok, enough commercials for now. Must get moving.