Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just Some Shameless Self Promotion

It's almost time to get ready for Church, but I thought I'd take a minute and introduce some projects I'm working on. I've mentioned some of them before, but they are worth talking about again, because I've been in the workshop with them this week.

First, as announced last week, "IOU NO MORE" is now available as an ebook. We are very excited about this development, because of the growth of popularity of ebooks and because with ebooks, readers have the ability to check out the references, materials and tools referred to in the book just by clicking on the active links in the text. With traditional books, you must lay down the book, open your computer and find the url. We plan to use both traditonal and ebooks going forward.

We have two other active websites besides IOU NO MORE. The first is, Sam Burton Presents, nicknamed, SBP. SBP will become the primary portal for all of our sub pages, books, materials, newsletters, etc. IOU NO MORE will become of of the service sites under the SBP umbrella.

The second is, Sam Burton Ministries, or SBM, for short. We felt that this was an essential step for the many services, products and information we develop especially for Churches and other Faith Based groups. SBM is very special to me and I'm looking forward to developing it.

Both those websites are just in development phase and really only have holding pages up. But go ahead and check them out, save them to your favorites and let me know what you'd like to see in them. There is contact information all over them. In fact, that's about all there is right now.

Besides websites, I'm currently adapting the "IOU NO MORE" material into a format and presentation especially geared to men. I'm calling it, "DEBT BEAT DADS: common sense financial and life principles for men (and the women who love them). There are some nice 'manly' insights added to the material along with some tweaking of the Spending Plans that will translate well to the 'male mind'. If all goes well, that will be available by Christmas.

My regular reader (yes, I think there's only one), will remember that I'm working on "LIFE LESSONS FROM A LEAD DOG: amusing anecdotes and heart warming tales from 30 years with sleddogs". The proposal is coming along nicely, as are the seminars associated with it. I want to shop this to some major publishers. People keep telling me this one has a populist appeal.

In early Spring, 2010, you should look for an ebook on vegetable gardening basics for urban and suburban dwellers. This project is being outlined, along with a seminar, and should be a lot of fun. It does not have a title as yet.

Finally, I have outlined a book and seminar (I've presented the seminar hundreds of times in the classroom) on optimizing your career as a call (contact) center agent. No point having all these years of experience if I'm not going to share what I've learned. Right now I'm calling it, "BYE, BYE, DILBERT: a quick start guide for turning the mundane life of cube world into an adventure and turning your headset into a gold mine." Can you tell I like subtitles? They help with search engine optimization, in case you were wondering.

Well, that's enough for the moment. Some of this is rerun. Some is new. Thanks for stopping by. Time for Church.