Sunday, August 30, 2009

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

A friend of mine told me a great car buying story this week and I want to share the substance of it.

She and her husband decided a good used car (already a sensible choice) was in their future. They did their research, packed a checkbook and headed out to test drive. Once they found their ideal car, and did their negotiating it was time to close. The sales person said, "I suppose you'll be needing to arrange financing", to which they replied, "No, it's ok if we write a check, right?"


"Write a check. We're going to pay cash."

The entire dealership fell into silence. As they handed over the payment in full, they were told, "I don't believe this has ever happened here before."

I love the revolution! Talk about a stimulus plan. Pay yourself instead of the bank. Then pay in cash for what you need. Everybody wins. Except those who feed off of debt, of course. What is it we call things that feed off of other things again? Oh, that's right............ parasites!