Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Harvest is Plentiful

Each day brings a new sense of wonder at our bounty this year. We already have to buy a second freezer to handle the overflow. We're just waiting for the best deal. Tonight I brought in a plastic grocery bag brimming over with peppers of all varieties and a few tomatoes. We'll have another 20 or so pounds of tomatoes to process before long. And a new harvest of beans will begin within the week. Maybe as early as Sunday or Monday. We should have beans well into September.

I have only two real regrets this year; 1. not enough squash and zucchini, and 2. not enough cantaloupe.

We will do a whole post season assessment around October when we start designing next year's garden.

We let some of the beans from the first crop dry on the vine. Brittan brought them in and we are storing them in hopes that they sprout next year. We will start one or two in January to see if they do grow. If so, we won't have to buy bush beans next year. I love it. We are eating healthy, getting exercise and saving money all at the same time. If I ever get time, I'll probably write a book about it. Time.............. what a concept!