Sunday, November 30, 2008

On Vacation, Feeling Awful

Brittan and I are on vacation in Nebraska this week. It's been fun seeing our children and grandchildren. We haven't seen any of them for about 15 months, so it has been delightful to catch up with our son, daughter and son in law, not to mention the special moments with our three grand daughters and our new grandson. We are cramming all the spoiling we can into an all too brief window of time.

On the down side, B and I have both gotten ill. We have terrible colds, complete with fever, aches, sore throats and everything that goes along with it. Yuck.

Speaking of cold, it's downright chilly here in NE. It was snowing yesterday morning. I only brought a light jacket, thinking that's all I'd need. Boy Howdy, was I wrong!

Finally, I noticed on the news that "Black Friday" beat the odds and spending was up over last year. I'm glad to hear that. There is no question that we are in some economically challenging times, but they are made worse by a news media that thrives on doom and gloom. Bah Humbug to the media. Yay, Christmas! to the rest of us.