Monday, December 1, 2008

Back from Vacation, Sick as a Dog

What does that mean, BTW, sick as a dog? Just thinking out loud.

B and I got in about 9 p.m. only about 4 hours behind schedule. That's pretty good considering all the snowed in airports around the country. Kansas City airport wasn't bad, there were only a couple inches of snow and none to speak of on the roads or runways. Milwaukee was a different story. They shut the airport down every half hour all day in order to plow the runways. Not a good sign. But not only were they having issues, but so were a variety of other airports that were providing the planes we were to fly on. But in the end, we touched down in chilly, but dry Atlanta.

We had an excellent time visiting with our kids and grand kids. It's always sad to leave them. I wish we lived closer to each other. But considering the winters in Nebraska, I wish the closer was them living in Georgia!

Brittan and I picked up some virus or other bug out there and we have been 'knocked for six', to use a cricket expression.

Impacted sinuses, fever, raw, sore throats, ear ache. Not good. Not good at all. And we probably spread it to hundreds of people we contacted in Nebraska, Kansas City, Milwaukee and Atlanta. We are bad citizens.

But we're home now. It's time to take cold medicine and go to bed and sleep it off. Nothing like rest to beat a thing like this. I'll probably stay home from work tomorrow and work from here to avoid spreading this to my team. While I have a lot to do, I really can't risk infecting my whole sales force. That would be a bad thing indeed.