Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping Spree

One of my favorite things about being debt free is being able to save up and go shopping while on vacation.

We are in Florida visiting family and are having a most relaxing time. We've also done some serious shopping. And because it's not charged but IS planned, it's totally guilt free.

Last night I hit an outlet mall and bought Brittan a nice piece of Le Crucet cookware and some Royal Riviera pears (from Harry and David). This morning we're taking our second trip to the Earth Box Center to buy some more gardening supplies for our 2009 vegetable gardening. I love that place. It's like a farmers market, botanical garden and garden center all in one. We have a fun time and can buy our supplies direct from the center and save shipping costs. That's a WIN!

Later, we're going to meet up with my sisters and have dinner together. I'm looking forward to it. That means in the last month we will have visited with our children, grandchildren, Brittan's Parents, grandparents, her brother and my siblings and their families. Not a bad run if you ask me.