Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quiet Weekend

This has been a peaceful weekend around the IOU NO MORE compound. My wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday. We did a little shopping, ate out and watched an old movie last night. We found a bin of ancient movies and tv shows at "everything's a dollar". These were selling 2 for $1. So we bought $2 worth of old stuff. Last night we settled in and watched "The Over the Hill Gang". It was a cute made for TV movie from 1969. I remember watching it as a kid.

I made a little progress on "Recession Proof Living", the working title of my next book. I'm really quite happy with the direction of the book, just not the pace at which it's being completed. I'm probably going to have to sequester myself somewhere for a couple days and get the darned thing finished. But I don't see any breaks in my calendar until late January to make that happen.

Today has been very quiet. Church this a.m. followed by a light lunch and a wonderful nap. Now that's what I call a good day.