Friday, September 12, 2008

Wells Fargo Made My Blood Boil!

We have our mortgage with Wells Fargo. We've been pretty happy with that division of the bank. We got a good rate and they communicate very well and very frequently. But the retail banking side of their operation just about put me back on my blood pressure medicine.

We got our mortgage rate as a part of our relocation package with my employer. After the account was set up, the mortgage office asked if we'd be willing to discuss checking and savings accounts with the retail side. I said, "sure".

The gist of the conversation was, because we had a our mortgage acct we could also get a free checking and savings acct. I said, "what the heck. Why not." As it turns out, only the first 6 mos were free. Now there's a $25 monthly fee. Never was that discussed. Never. I asked specifically, because I won't open an account that has fees. I don't need to.

So I called them today to complain and they said there was nothing they could do except reverse the monthly fee this one time. I disagreed. I assured them that there was one other possibility. They could close my checking and savings accounts. They complied immediately. They didn't want to try and save me. Why? They can't make money off of me if I don't pay fees. And apparently the interest rate on my mortgage isn't enough for them. End result: I am done with Wells Fargo. They lied to me and I can't do business like that. Grrrr................