Sunday, September 21, 2008

Playing From Behind

In sports, most teams (or individuals) prefer to score first, score quickly and score often. They don't like to fall behind. Playing catch up puts more pressure on everyone, and it becomes easier for mistakes to creep in.

By contrast, most individuals find themselves, by virtue of debt, playing from behind, financially speaking. And we've done it on purpose. We take out huge mortgages, followed by not one, but two car loans, student loans, credit card debt and very possibly a Home Equity Line of credit. Is it any wonder why we feel insecure. We are constantly working to catch up to our spending. Millions of people are one accident, one illness, one lay off or even one flat tire away from financially crashing and burning. Talk about stress!

There is a better way. Stop borrowing. Eliminate your debt. Live debt free. Play from the front and WIN! Sound crazy? We did it. So have many others. It takes guts. But it sure is fun when you're done.