Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Couple Small Website Changes and a Revelation

This morning I made a couple of small changes to the website. One was long overdue and the other was born of a small epiphany I had this morning. Trust me on this, even small epiphanies are exhausting for simpletons like me.

First, I finally added IOU NO MORE (the Book) to our shopping cart. For a year now, it's been available via all major online bookstores, ebay and a variety of brick and mortar bookstores around the country. But we didn't offer it. The logic was simple (it has to be with me), we wanted to promote traditional channels for buying the book. It was free marketing. And it's been great. But now it's time to add a new method for getting the material, the IOU NO MORE shopping cart. We still have a link to the page for IOU NO MORE in order to give shoppers multiple methods of purchasing.

Actually, the best bang for the buck is the IOU NO MORE Starter Kit, and that one is ONLY available on our shopping cart. That kit is loaded for bear!

Now for the epiphany. I have been scouring the internet and other sources researching the various budget and money management plans out there. There are a bunch of them. And I mean a bunch. Some are quite elaborate. Some are really cool. Some are flashy. Some are complicated. Some are duds.

After all the comparisons, it became abundantly clear, that the simplest, easiest to use forms and plans were mine! IOU NO MORE truly has the "Simplest Money Management Plan on planet earth." And I'm ok with that!