Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feeling Grateful

Things have been pretty stressful at work lately. We have a lot of irons in the fire and it's hard to keep up. Sometimes I get pretty grumpy. But today I had a grateful moment.

Around lunchtime I got an email from my bride. Nothing unusual there, she often sends me little notes. I look forward to them. But this note was to tell me that some people who live near us are being evicted from their home. It was kind of a shock. I don't know them well, but enough to say hello and chat about the superficial things, neighbors chat about. They are nice people, who live in a nice house and drive nice cars. This is not a neighborhood where evictions happen often. But it was a stark reminder that we never know who is in the middle of a crisis. Heartache is all around us. Sometimes it's financial, sometimes relational, sometimes spiritual, sometimes physical.

Anyway, I took the time on my drive home, to count my blessings and appreciate my life.

Of course, I still hate my allergies! Die, ragweed, die!