Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why I Don't Invest In Commodities

The temptation is great.  Some days it's almost irresistible.  But I manage.  I'm talking, of course, about investing in commodities.  Right now, things like oil, gold, silver, corn, cotton, etc. are rising like kites in a March breeze.

Commodities are in.  They are hot.  If you listen closely you can almost hear them sizzle.  People who bought gold last year are laughing right now.  Same for corn.  Commodities are interesting.  From my chair, they are always on a bubble.  It gets bigger and bigger then pops and starts over.  I don't have the stomach for that kind of roller coaster.  Besides, I'm not smart enough to know when to get in and out.

For metals and crude, the volatility alone is enough to keep me out.  Besides, I've got an investment that's way better than all of them put together.

My reasons for staying away from corn, soy beans, wheat and etc. are tied very closely to my core values.  The companies behind these soft commodities push the morality envelope too far for my liking.  Companies like Cargill and Monsanto, and their ilk, are involved in more than producing crops.  They are involved in genetic engineering of crops, which could be good or bad, but too risky for my taste.  The big gripe I have is their efforts to patent life and use of heavy handed methods to strong arm and subjugate farmers.  I can't put money into their pockets just to put money into mine.

There is a way for you to invest in commodities that will NEVER lose and could gain you a small fortune.  You won't find it on the Dow, Nasdaq or S&P.  The method I've discovered is part insurance and part investment.  I spell it out in my e-booklet, "The Joseph Principle".  You can order it from our website.

Geez, that sounded like a commercial.