Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hand Wringing or Heart Searching

We all feel the change.  It's not just in the air, we feel it in our wallets.  Life is getting more expensive by the hour.  Gasoline prices, food prices, air travel, education, everything.

Some of us have been shouting from the rooftops for at least a year, pleading with people to prepare.  Some did, millions did not.  So now that things are worsening rapidly, is it too late?  What can we do to stop the spiral?

First, stop the hand wringing.  I won't suggest that we stop complaining, that's an American pastime.  I love to do that as much as the next person.  Complaining, though, won't change anything.  Neither will hand wringing and fretting.  It's time to take ACTION.

First, make a written budget.....TODAY!  If you need a form to help you get started, email us at and we'll get you one.

If you have debt beyond your mortgage, pay it off as quickly as possible.  I don't mean to sound like a salesman, but go to the store page at and order the ekit and get started right away.  The kit will cost less than a combo meal and will give you the tools to start a new financial life NOW.

Begin an emergency fund with a long term goal of storing up a full year of staples and 6 months to a year of cash flow.  Yes, you can do it, it just doesn't feel like it right now.  We call it the Joseph Principle.

Grow some of your own food.  It's easier than you think and will save you a ton of cash over the coming years.  For tips, ideas and moral support, go to Our Edible Suburb.

This is not the time for panic.  It's time for action.  Our economy is in decay, we get that.  It doesn't mean your economy has to collapse.  Take charge.  Be smart.  Win.