Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guess We Are Still Relevant

Sometimes, I get discouraged and think that the whole IOU NO MORE thing is out of date and out of touch.  Perhaps our ship has sailed.  Maybe our message is just not needed in 2011. 

When these feelings come on me, I seriously consider throwing in the towel, closing down the website and just focusing on our sustainable farming project.

Two thinks happened in the last week that help me keep going.  The first was a young man who told me how important the book has been in helping his family develop a plan to get financially on the right path.  The second was something I heard on the radio.

I was in the car yesterday, driving home from work early, because I was violently sick to my stomach (I'll spare you the details).  Anyway, the radio host was referring to a recent study that said 50% of Americans said that they could not come up with $2k in a month to cover an emergency. 

From that snippet I realize that millions of people are still living hand to mouth and that they don't even know what to do about it.  Unfortunately, many don't really want to fix themselves, they want Govt. to bail them out.  Others have given up, but there are still millions who are looking for solutions.  Solutions we got.

I've got to stop trying to goad people who don't want to change and start looking for those who do.  There is a huge difference.  One will drive me to drink.  The other will motivate me to win.