Thursday, July 23, 2009

Remember Me?

Wow, I can't believe it's been like two weeks since I last posted here. Let's just say summer has been busy.

So far, it appears that our financial experiment with serious gardening is paying off. We have enough tomato sauce, regular and roasted, squash, zucchini, and hot peppers to get us through the winter and spring. We will have enough bell peppers too, but they have developed more slowly. We have a dozen beautiful cantaloupes ripening on the vines. We will freeze that. I can't wait to taste that garden freshness all winter long.

Green beans have been odd. We've eaten plenty, but we haven't put up a lot of them yet. But we should have a good late summer crop that will head straight for the freezer. Our herbs are doing well since we moved them from inside to the front porch.

I see big savings this winter. If I can bag a deer or two we will be really set. Ironically, we'll need a second freezer soon, which is, of course, an expense. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Oh, I almost forgot, I started my compost pile today, too. It's a bit of a late start, but Georgia weather is mild enough that we should be able to compost pretty much all year round. Composting will save us on fertilizer and soil costs in the spring and in little ways like buying fewer trash bags during the year. A penny here, a dollar there, they all add up.

But the most fun of all has been the amount of stuff we've given away. I have taken stuff to work, Brittan has taken produce to some of the ladies in her mid week Bible Study. On Sunday afternoon, we took bags of beans, peppers, tomatoes and squash to 5 closest neighbors. That was a blast. It really is more blessed to give than to receive.


Niecey said...

Oh, I didn't think of roasting zucchini before freezing it..that's a good idea. I planted way too many zucchini this year and we're starting to get sick of it. I've given some away but no one seems to want it.
My herbs didn't do very well at all. I'll have to start some new ones.
We're doing the compost thing though, which is working out beautifully because we have the bunnies, and the bunny poop is great for the compost.

Snobound said...

I'm excited to see what our late season crops bring for us. Love this gardening gig!