Monday, March 1, 2010

Streeper Wins Rondy

The Anchorage Fur Rondezvous final results found the top three finishers in the same order they finished after day 2.  Blayne Streeper is this years winner (well done, Buddy).  Arleigh Reynolds was a solid second with Jason Dunlap finishing third. 

One of the really coolest things for me, was seeing Jeff King finish fourth in his first major speed mushing event.  King was driving the Streeper Kennel's second string.  His finish says a great deal about his versatility as a musher and says remarkable things about the athletic depth of the Streeper Kennel.

Well done to everyone who finished and to all those who made the race happen and to all the media outlets who kept fans like me informed. 

On a personal note, I am really longing to stand on the runners again.  Seeing Jeff King, who is a few months older than I am, do so well, inspires me to think that I can still get this old body in shape to race again.  Other commitments conspired against me this year, but one last race WILL happen.  Of this I am certain.  My Bucket List demands it.