Monday, March 8, 2010

A Different Taking on Creative Saving

At my local bank, they have a giant banner of an attractive professional woman beaming her broadest smile while containing the slogan, "Saving is the new spending."

That's a great sentiment.  Unfortunately, it is merely wishful thinking.  My research indicates that with high unemployment, anemic interest rates and high debt levels, saving is at virtually an all time low.  That is an unfortunate reality.

For my money, I think David Bach is one of the best sources for creative saving.  I've read all his books and while I don't agree 100% on some of his priorities, (eg. he says 'pay yourself first', while I advocate giving to God first), I really like his ideas on ways to save and making it 'automatic'.

I also stumbled on an article over the weekend that has a slightly different take on saving.  So in the spirit of offering a wide variety of viewpoints to encourage thinking and good money management, I'm linking to it here. I want to send up a big thank you to Yahoo Finance for posting it in the first place.