Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Something You Thought You'd Never Hear From Me... A Compliment For Obama

As a Christian, Conservative with Libertarian leanings, I have strong opinions about big government and leftist policies.  I have offered my share of criticisms of our current President.  But I also wrote a post commending his very public high regard for his wife and daughters. 

Today, I'm going to compliment him again.  I read that the President is backing the building of a nuclear power plant in Maryland and that he is supportive of continued research and development of nuclear energy.  I am so pleased to read that.  I have been critical of cap and trade, and will continue to be.  That is a competitive and economic losing hand.  But I'm all for advancing our nuclear powered energy options.  I'm also for 'drill here, drill now', shale oil, developing ANWR, wind energy, hydro electric, solar energy and even a bicycle built for two.

So, Mr. President (I'm sure he reads this blog ), I tip my hat (with my right hand, of course) to you on this one.  Thank you, sir. Now, all you have do do is change all your other policies...........:-)  If you need any advice, I'm here to help.