Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grocery Bills

B and I made a tough decision this week that will significantly increase our grocery bill.  We have decided that we will only buy meat, poultry, eggs and milk that have been raised on pasture rather than in a feed lot or on a corn based diet.  The reasons are partly nutritional and partly moral.  Financially, it means eating less meat and paying higher prices.  But this is a case where doing the right thing trumps doing the less expensive thing.

I must admit, it was a difficult decision.  It probably shouldn't have been, but it was.  And if we were still in debt, we may have had an even tougher time.  Fortunately, being debt free allows us to think and see more clearly.  We are happy with our decision.  We have been discussing it for a while at "Our Edible Suburb", if you feel like hearing more.