Monday, September 21, 2009


We interrupt the current series Budgeting 101 series just to say that these are exciting times for the revolution.  We have two new websites under development as well as a bi-weekly newsletter.  The 'store' is receiving a total makeover and we are designing a line of organically grown products to be sold fresh at local farmers' markets, with jarred and dry ingredient options being available via the internet.

For example, let's suppose you go to your local farmers' market (which you should), and you see a 'kit' that has all the ingredients for a wonderful marinara sauce, beautiful Roma tomatoes, garlic bulb, onions, fresh italian herbs, already measured out and bundled together with a nice recipe.  How much better would that be than opening a jar of preservative laced junk food, or even than making something from the flavorless factory farmed vegetation sold at most supermarkets.  We're talking, fresh, local (if you're in Georgia), organic, chemical free, natural goodness.

Ok, so you can't make it to a Georgia Farmers' Market, what if you could buy that same kit online.  Even better, what if a marvellous cook like Mrs. B had already prepared the sauce and canned it just for you?  Mouth watering yet?

We're also considering a line of jams, jellies, spice rubs and curries.  Several books are in various stages of production.  I'm just so excited about the future.  It started out as a little paperback called, IOU NO MORE, and this revolution is about to introduce millions to a Recession Proof World!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Budget.