Monday, May 25, 2009

Garden Keeps Getting Better

B and I went down to Florida for Memorial Day Weekend and were pleasantly surprised at our garden when we got home.

First, we have tomatoes. Lot's of tiny green tomatoes. How exciting. Most of the tomato plants look splendid. I did pull a couple that looked like they were not healthy. But overall, they are performing nicely. In fact, everything except the corn and carrots look great. The corn appears to be a bit sunburned and the carrots are extremely tiny still. But it's far too early to worry.

Our peppers are growing like crazy. All except my Ghost peppers, that is. Those are growing, but much more slowly than all the others. All peppers like heat, but I think these Ghost peppers need a serious warm up. It's been unseasonably cool for May. That's great news for humans, but not necessarily so for exotic hot peppers.

I was especially pleased to see some of my raspberries were turning red. Which is somewhat odd, because I thought they were a golden variety, but what the heck. They are ripening and that's just plain cool.

No point boring the world with updates on every variety we're growing, so I'll just end the update here. Next project: Get the compost bin up and working.