Saturday, May 16, 2009

Controversial Risk

I'm going to add a couple of controversial links to this blog today. They are related to a bill going through congress known as The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. It has already passed the House and is in the senate as S. 909. This bill scares me on many levels. Read what Dr. James Dobson says about it HERE.

First, is scares be because the title sounds right. I know very few people who think that law enforcement should wink at hate crimes. But the title is merely a cover.

Secondly, I'm scared because of the breadth of the bill. This isn't going to prevent hate crimes, but it is going to protect deviants like pedophiles.

Thirdly, I'm scared because the bill is really a cleverly disguised way of fund raising for the extreme left, rather than protecting anyone.

The case that was used as the 'poster child' by the supporters of this bill, was the indefensible beating and murder of Matthew Sheppard some years back. If you recall, Sheppard was lured to his fate and suffered it simply because he is gay. What you may not recall, is that the perpetrators of that heinous act were prosecuted to the fullest. There are already laws on the books to protect individuals from wanton abuse by others. Even a leading gay rights activist has gone on record to expose the hidden agenda of this bill. You can read about that HERE.

This subject is a bit off the beaten trail for the direction of this blog. But I am compelled to address it. In a round about way, however, it does relate, because it is our hard earned tax money that will be used to enforce this legislation if it passes. So I will take the risk of raising the wrath of some, to spread the word. Please, read up on this yourself and write your senators and stop this thing in its tracks.