Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two Fun Conversations Today

Today was a good day for the Revolution.

First, I went to pick up my suits from the Men's Warehouse and the salesman (with whom Brittan and I spoke about IOU NO MORE a couple of weeks ago) said, as I was leaving the store, "Mr. Burton. I haven't read you book yet. But I want you to know, I plan to. Seriously." I thanked him profusely.

Secondly, I got my eyes tested today. Turns out, I'm still near sighted. Go figure. But during the course of the conversation, debt and money management came up. My eye doctor got very excited and said, "I think that is so cool. What is that web site again? This practice will be debt free in less than two years. We are excited. We believe we can do so much more for God if we're debt free." And.........he gave me a 10% discount. It was still a gosh awful amount of money to have people poke around your eyes, but it was a great conversation.

Nearly every day now, the subject of money management and debt comes up in conversation with people who know nothing about the Revolution. I get very excited when that happens.


Snobound said...

Time to get some business cards made up with the web address, email address, and book cover on it. And, maybe there can be a coupon code on there if they order the book from us - just a thought, it might be wrong. Good for you though!