Friday, August 15, 2008

First Ever SimulPost

For the first time (and maybe the last), I am posting the same information on both my blogs. IOU NO MORE and OldMusher will have the same text. My loyal reader (yes, there may only be one) may be disappointed, but I couldn't decide where to post this, so I'll put it both places.

A Church in Florida has declined a gift of $600k because it was a tithe on Lottery winnings. I applaud the congregation for living by their convictions and not being tempted by a high dollar windfall. Not many people or organizations would have resisted. Kudos.

My only other comment is................ARE YOU NUTS?!

The lottery winner genuinely wanted to tithe out of gratitude to God for his good (and sizable) fortune. That was the correct thing to do.

I know that many Churches discourage playing the lottery. I don't play it. I don't encourage it. But if someone who feels differently wins and wants to share it with me or my ministry, I'm going to take it. Maybe I have no shame. Maybe I just view "ill gotten gain" differently than some others do.

I grew up in Kentucky. During my youth, tobacco was the big cash crop in the State. I worked in the fields during the summer and I took crops to the auction in the winter. One year, I had my own crop from land we leased. I sold it at auction to pay part of my Bible College tuition. When I was a missionary, a good chunk of my support came from tobacco farmers. Some people frowned on me for that and wouldn't support our mission because of it. But one old Bible College Professor put my mind at ease. He said, "Tobacco has paid the salaries and education of a whole lot of preachers around here. Think nothing of it. Or if you have to, look at it this way....the Devil's had it long enough, let's let the Lord use that money for a while." Good words.

You can read the article HERE.