Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Spirit Of Revolution Spreads

The desire for freedom that feeds the IOU NO MORE revolution is spreading. As I have long hoped and prayed, it is Churches that are often leading the way. This morning, has a very good article as the lead on it's home page. On the whole, it's a pretty good article. It still quotes the usual liberal sources and takes a few backhanded slaps at a leading Evangelical Pastor (who happens to be my favorite TV preacher), but the point that Churches are finally learning to teach Biblical principles about money is well made.

Sadly, I believe that falling offering totals led many congregations to do the right thing. But sometimes it takes a personal pain point to get us to pay attention. And, there are also a great many Churches who have been teaching God's principles all along. It's only when the current crisis hit that members started listening.

Whatever the motivator, thousands are joining the revolution. And once an individual, family or congregation gets a taste of financial freedom, debt never tastes good again. IOU NO MORE is not just a book title. It's not just a slogan. It's Liberty's shout of victory!

Read the MSNBC article here.