Friday, May 11, 2007

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks....Really!

Back in the late 90s, Brittan and I lived in Council Bluffs, Iowa. During those years, we were members of the local Kennel Club. We met many wonderful people through the club and have fond memories of that time. One of the stand out memories for me was of a couple with a champion obedience dog who was 7 years old when they got him and began training him. In dog show terms, 7 is considered fairly mature. Most dogs are retiring by that time. But this dog was just beginning his obedience career. He learned well, performed well and became one of the top obedience dogs in the country.

Most average people would have figured he had no chance at success. He was too old, had too little training and wasn't even located near any of the hot "doggie spots" in the country. Yet he and his owners weren't interested in averages. They worked hard, paid the price and enjoyed the success.

I know many people who think they've hit an age or a stage in life where it's too late to change course. They come up with one excuse after another why they can't or won't ever be able to manage money or be successful. But I say, that's just fear talking, or the law of averages.

But you and I don't have to be average. There is no law that says, after 40 or 50 or whatever, you're stuck where you are. Humbug. History's pages are filled with the success stories of men and women who dared to beat the averages.

Don't worry about your age, your geographical location or the current state of your bank account. Dare to dream. Decide to act. Determine to win.

I was 43 before I learned to manage money. Even then it took several years of trial and error before I was consistent. But I'm living proof that old dogs CAN sometimes learn new tricks. You were born to be a champion. Come on then, make the decision today to win. Claim your destiny.