Friday, February 11, 2011

Coming to a Supermarket Near You - Higher Prices

Gasoline has topped $3 a gallon here in North Georgia (10 days later than I predicted).  Gold and silver have sky rocketed.  Corn has doubled in price over the last few months.  Oil is over $100 a barrel. 

Those last two sentences are the keys to rising food costs in the store.  It takes rivers of oil to get produce and processed foods from farm to plate and corn is in virtually all of our processed foods (in one form or another). It's the core feed ingredient for commercial meat animals from beef to chickens to tilapia.  The rising costs of ingredients, processing and transportation make inflation inevitable.  Get ready. Read a recent article about foodflation from right HERE.

I realize my last several posts have been variations on this theme, but that's because food is so critical to our survival.  Rather than fume, or panic, I want you to prepare and overcome.

Some steps to minimize the pain are: 1. Stock up now, while prices are lower.  Some things are already going up, so there's not a lot of time to waste.  2. Eat more whole foods.  It's healthier and, if local and in season, is still a good value.  3. Grow some of your own food.  4. Budget for the coming changes.

As I keep saying, the cost of living is headed UP this year.  But we can still win the war by creating a plan and by working that plan.