Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Another Inflation Warning

Have you noticed it?  Prices are going up.  It's obvious at the gas pump.  The place I buy most of my gasoline has fought like crazy to avoid topping $3 a gallon.  I'm thinking they will lose the fight sometime this week. 

Groceries are certainly on the rise.  I've noticed the prices on some items have risen considerably.  There has never been a better time to use coupons and watch for specials than right now.

On a related note, the cost of animal feed and things like day old chicks has also started to move in the wrong direction.  Packets of seeds are increasing in price as well.  That means that the cost of food production for small producers may well impact the prices of fresh produce in farmers' markets. 

It is not time to panic.  It's time to prepare.  Budget well.  Spend wisely.  Grow some of your own food.  Buy in bulk and preserve some.  Shop judiciously at consignment shops.  Frequent yard sales.  Plan your trips out to manage your fuel consumption.  We can win!  We can prosper!