Monday, October 11, 2010

The Fed is Making Me Nervous.....AGAIN!

I'm not an economist.  I don't want to be one and I don't play one on T.V.  I'm just a guy who wants to live on less than I earn, avoid debt, build enough wealth so that I don't have to worry about economic down turns and upticks and help others do the same.

Like I said, I'm not an economist, but as I watch our Federal Government and the Federal Reserve pile bad decision upon bad decision, I grow concerned that sound economics is an endangered category.  I read this morning that the Fed is considering printing more money, with the intent of driving down the dollar and driving up inflation.

To my simple Hillbilly mind, that sends the wrong message.  First, driving prices UP via inflation just before the Holidays, in a time of high unemployment, does not indicate a concern for the welfare of the average American.  The focus appears to me to be on foreign investment, by making it less expensive to invest in America;  kind of like a big sale.

Perhaps it will work, but it's just as likely to make foreign investors run for the hills.  It will not spur borrowing, which is another desired outcome.  As long as people remain out of work at a near 10% level, we are not going to see the spending that the Fed keeps wishing for.  Creating inflation will not do that, either, though it may ward off deflation.

It seems to me that we should look to ourselves, rather than to the outside to solve our economic uncertainties.  Lower taxes, cut spending and let the markets take care of themselves.

For the average individual or family, the way to face the future is increasingly clear; eliminate debt FAST, put God first, live on less than you earn, grow and emergency fund of 1 year of living expenses, store up one year of staples, save at least 10% and slowly increase that to 20%.  Everyone who works this plan for the next 7 years will find themselves secure against whatever the future holds.  I am convinced of it.