Monday, July 12, 2010

Back Online

Twice now, I've tried to lay this blog to rest.  Twice now, it's been resurrected because of demand and need.  Perhaps I should learn my lesson.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me over the last few months.  It seems that the IOU NO MORE revolution still resounds with many people.  I am touched and blessed.

In the spririt of full disclosure, some of my money management views, especially regarding wealth building have changed in the three and a half years since IOU NO MORE was published.  Those changes will probably require a rewrite of some portions of the book.  But since discretionary time is an endangered species with me, I'm not sure when that writing will happen. 

The final incident that drove me back to this blog came in two steps.  Working backwards, I read an article last week of the continual growth of bankruptcy claims in the USA.  It seems that even with all refinancing of delinquent mortgages and low interest rates, people still can't get a handle on their debt and are giving up.

That article instantly reminded me of a conversation I had with an attorney from the midwest who said that he has become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of bankruptcy cases that have come to his office.  He said the number of files in his drawer is staggering.

With those two pieces of information nagging at my mind, I feel God is leading me to reopen this door.  I don't know what will happen once it's open, but here goes.......