Saturday, January 30, 2010


The scales are not my friend.  Technically, they tell the truth, which is what friends do.  But darn it, sometimes the truth hurts.

I knew I had gained a few pounds over the Holidays.  Many people do.  My clothes were a bit snug and I had to loosen my belt a notch.  But we had thrown ourselves back into South Beach Diet mode a couple of weeks ago.  Two solid weeks on phase 1. 

I did not get on the scales before we started back.  I didn't want to see.  I figured that after two weeks I'd be back where I left off and the momentum would carry me on.  Boy Howdy, was I in for a shock.  I stepped on the scales and even after 2 weeks I was 12 pounds above the last time I'd weighed in.  TWELVE POUNDS.

I was in a funk all day yesterday.  I cursed my weight, my appetite, my genes and my grandparents who passed them on to me.  I shook my fist in dismay.  I prayed.  But I didn't comfort myself with a Big Mac.  Once upon a time I would have.  That's the difference in me today from me a year ago.

The simple reality is, I will probably never completely win the war with my weight.  I may one day be a normal weight.  In fact, I fully expect to be.  But my metabolism, body type and appetite will always ensure that I will never be able to lose vigilance.  The fat man inside me will always be lurking, waiting to break free.

I had a setback.  I messed up.  I have to deal with it, pick up the pieces and move on.  That's life.  Actions have consequences.  Etc. Etc.

It was not much different when B and I were working our debt snowball.  We were very close to our goal and had a mutual brain fart (financially speaking).  We made some stupid decisions that added nearly an extra year to our life in debt.  We felt so stupid.  But we picked ourselves up, cleaned up the mess and won.

I've had spiritual setbacks, too.  There have been times, more than I wish to recall, when I have made some beyond boneheaded choices and stumbled from the path.  Sometimes I've landed on my butt.  On a few occasions I was flat on my face in the sewer.  Not pretty.  But God was always there to reach out, help me get up and point me back in the right direction. 

Anyway you slice it; physically, financially, spiritually, I'm a klutz.  I have setbacks.  Most of them are my own creations.  My choices:  give up, give in or get up.  I'm to competitive to stay down.  I like to win.  So, I'm up.

Had a setback lately?  Over it yet?  Don't you think it's about time to let it go?  Let's go win something together. How bout today?