Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Bes Laid Plans Get Blown Up From Time To Time

I remember one time, hearing James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, say that in the heat of an argument, his wife once quipped:  "When are you going to start putting into practice that stuff you write about."  OUCH!

Even after all these years, that story makes me smile, because its such a great reminder that we all mess up.  We all fail and fall short of our own goals and dreams once in a while.  It doesn't make the ideals wrong.  It doesn't make us losers.  Failing is not failure.  We are human and we fumble the ball on occasion.  It's what we do when that happens, that will determine our destiny.

In a football game, when a player fumbles, the object is to regain possession.  Sometimes it means falling on the loose ball.  Other times it means picking it up and running with it.  Never does it mean, quitting.

B and I have dramatically changed our budget recently.  We have tightened the strings just like we did when we are in debt.  We want to buy some farm land and we need some cash to make that happen.  One of the things we've cut pretty much out of the budget is Eating Out.  We love dining in restaurants.  Its fun, romantic and stress free. But it's not cheap.

Also, since we are on the South Beach Diet, we have some guidelines about what foods are best to eat to maintain our weight loss momentum.

This past weekend we blew up both plans in a huge way.  First we at out Saturday night and for two meals on Sunday.  Saturday's meal was loaded with carbs.  Both Sunday meals were at burger joints.  We spent coin and we ate big. 

Here's the deal.  We don't sweat the small stuff.  Sure, there are consequences in the pocket book and on the scales.  But it's not world peace.  It's not sin.  It's not a violation of a Geneva Convention.  The correct procedure is, acknowledge the mistake, learn from it, and MOVE ON.

The key is, Learn From It.  We will be better prepared next time the same set of circumstances converge. 

We all mess up.  Admit it.  Pay your dues.  Repent (that means change your behavior).  Get back in the game.  Grab the ball before someone on the other team does.  Run.  WIN!