Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More on The Frugal Millionaires

Last week I posted a link to an article, "How To Spend Like a Frugal Millionaire". I got so excited about the article that I decided to read the book, "The Frugal Millionaires", by Jeff Lehman. While there is nothing really new inside (of course, I'm only halfway through), it's been fun. What sets this book apart from books like "The Millionaire Next Door", is that "Frugal" is powered by actual qoutes from the 70 or so frugal millionaires who were interviewed during the research phase of the book. The financial advice is sound and comes from real people who have worked hard to become genuinely wealthy. These are not 'trust fund babies', Sports Personalities or Entertainment Stars. They are ordinary men and women who have used money wisely and piled up a bunch of it along the way. It is worth picking up.