Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taking Responsibility

Recently, I heard the President say, "Only Government" can fix our current financial woes. Poppycock! He may mean well, but he is terribly off the mark. He missed the broad side of the barn by a mile.

We can fix our problems ourselves. Sure, we may need the help of professional advisers and the cooperation of banks, etc. But we can take control of our own financial situations, both present and future.

And it's simple. Not easy, maybe, but simple. We create a plan and follow it. We stop borrowing. We live within our means. It can be done and we can prosper.

The media would have us believe that all is dark. I beg to differ. It's cloudy, yes, but not dark. Even if its storming, it's not the apocalypse. I call on all Americans, to stand up, take responsibility for their own lives.......... and prosper. We're here to help.