Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year (2009)

It's here. A shiny, fresh, brand spanking new year. Time for fresh starts, new resolutions, dreaming and hoping. I love New Year's Day. This morning in North Georgia, the sun is rising, there is a little frost and the day is gorgeous and promising. So is the year.

For many, 2009 arrives in the midst of fear and uncertainty in our current economic climate. We're going to help you through it.

But for today, relax, enjoy the Holiday, trust God and know that the future is bright. I promise.

Here are some suggestions for the coming year:

avoid any debt that is not mortgage related
live on less than you earn
make a budget (you can get a free form from and stick to it
create an emergency fund. Start with $1,000. Plan to get to 6 months expenses at the earliest possible time
Store up 6 mos to 1 year of basic staples (flour, sugar, powdered milk, toilet paper, etc)
Read the Bible (start with the New Testament)
find a good Church
love your family
look for ways to serve rather than be served
eat out less
grow some (or all)of your own vegetables
get a hobby
work hard
pray often
get some exercise
fear not
dream big dreams, set goals,
live well.

We will be addressing all of these subjects and more during the coming year. I will update the blog at least weekly, sometimes more often. This is a year of HOPE. We'll spread some of it along the way.