Sunday, October 26, 2008

Car Fever - I'm immune

I will never understand 'car fever'. I have a natural immunity. The condition is very real, and I've seen it drop otherwise sensible men and women in their tracks. Just recently, I had a conversation with someone who was considering buying a car. This individual was considering a car payment that would have created a genuine lifestyle dent. After a lengthy conversation, I discovered that the fever started with a trip to the dealership for some relatively minor repairs on an aging car. While there, the sights and smells of newer vehicles became overwhelming, even mesmerizing. The next thing you know, this person was driving home in a car that was not needed. Fortunately the paperwork had not been completed, so we were able to talk some sense into said person. But a couple days later, I saw the same individual test driving yet another vehicle. How sad!

Car payments are not necessary. There are great ways to plan ahead and save up in advance. There are always bargains to be had by using a bit of research and patience. Sure, older cars aren't always 'cool' like new ones. But then again, people who drive paid for cars have something that those with car payments don't have....MONEY! And that's way more cool than new car smell.

I've said it before in this space, I don't think I've had car fever in 25 years. But show me a sleddog, a horse, most varieties of livestock or hunting rifles and I'm putty!