Monday, March 10, 2008

It's So Sad

It seems like every day I'm reading a new article about mortgage crises and other credit issues. America really does appear to be at a crossroads. And it breaks my heart. No one starts out with plans to create a debt burden. It creeps up on us, and often by the time we realize what we've done, the monster is out of control. I have genuine sympathy for the millions who are feeling the pressure right now. It's so sad.

But how do we get the word out? Brittan and I are still trying to figure out how to market our message. Oh, there are others like Dave Ramsey who are doing a great job. Other great proclaimers are the likes of Crown Ministries, Mary Hunt, Ron Blue. But B and I feel compelled to share our story and assist others in becoming and living debt free. Please pray that God opens doors for us.

We get plenty of hits on the website. We get emails almost every day from men and women who need and want help. I believe the revolution is coming.